Claudia Hopkey

Rave! My mom is 92 and has been in the hospital for a few days. She needed her hearing aids cleaned so I contacted one of the hearing aid businesses here in Mason City. Since she just moved here a year ago, she didn’t buy them here, but she only needed them cleaned. i was told it would be $50 just to clean them and thought that was a little steep! I then called Audibel Hearing to see what they charged. I talked to a very helpful lady named Sue. She told me they cleaned hearing aids for free, no matter where you bought them. She told me to bring them in and she would have them done in about 10 minutes. She cleaned them, printed off instructions for me on how to care for the aids, gave me a case for them and also one to carry extra batteries in. They also carry a brand that my mom has so I will be taking them there for anything we need done. I couldn’t have asked for any better customer service so if anyones parents, grandparents, or whomever needs anything done with their hearing aids, Audibel Hearing Center is the place to go. Thanks again, Sue, for going above and beyond.